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Director:  Greg Sizemore



  Brevard County Public Schools offers students three therapeutic day schools located throughout Brevard County. Through a contract with Premier Behavioral Solutions, Inc. (PBS) the therapeutic day schools  provide a comprehensive, timely, well organized and culturally appropriate educational, vocational and mental health program for students classified as severely emotionally disturbed, emotionally handicapped and/or developmentally delayed. The therapeutic day school program nourishes academic, vocational, emotional, physical, social and intellectual growth through an ecological model that enlists the Family, Brevard County School Board, Ramsay Youth and Family Counseling Center, Brevard  Community College, Florida On-line Virtual School, Local Police Department and Brevard County One-Stops. Premierís educational, vocational and mental health programs focus on empowering families by addressing the issues of family involvement in the curriculum development. The community is called upon, in partnership with PBS and the Brevard County School Board, to allocate thoughtful leadership, time, financial resources and diligent support.


Curriculum and instruction are designed to help each student master grade appropriate academic, vocational and social skills through a variety of traditional, non-traditional and innovative approaches. PBS believes that students with learning difference learn best when challenged in a non-traditional environment offering a variety of instructional models from which to choose. By tapping into the appropriate motivational strategy for learning, each student has the opportunity to maintain a high level of enthusiasm needed for academic advancement, GED completion and transition back into traditional public school. Ultimately, PBS seeks to maximize each studentís full human potential and provide the skills to transition back into traditional public school, independent living, employment and life long success.


The instructional design for the Therapeutic Day Schools can be summarized by one word: CONNECTION. This connection is found between all educational areas. Thematic units are used to relate all areas to each other and to the more global needs of the learner.  Students participate in activities in Science class  that reinforce concepts introduced in Math classes. Student writing activities in Social Studies may be edited by the Language Arts Class and read aloud for listening and speaking development. Science class  employs research strategies taught using the globe in Social Studies, and reading skills developed in the Reading Class.


Connection also defines the approach used by all school staff: connection to one another and the students in our care, connection to the parents of our students, connection to the fellowship of teaching professionals, connection to the First in Florida Strategic Plan of the Brevard County School Board, and connection to the  community and all its citizens.


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